[This demo blog post accompanies a post on leeworden.net: Working Markup: makefile-driven literate programming for reproducible web publishing. Scroll down to see the source text for this post.]

Announcing Working Markup, a text-processing tool that supports reproducible research by providing a streamlined way to develop and document the various computations you do in your research as steps embedded in web pages and blog posts, written in arbitrary markup languages.

For example, you can embed some R code in your markup source by inserting a “source-file” tag:

<source-file filename="demo.R">
print( 5 * 7 );
curve( x * exp(-x), 0, 5 );

And then run the code and display the output by inserting “project-file” tags:

<project-file filename="demo.Rout"/>

<project-file filename="demo.Rout.png"/>

Those project-file tags come out looking like this:

> # Scripts: demo.R
> print( 5 * 7 );
[1] 35
> curve( x * exp(-x), 0, 5 );